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Why Oneness


Why the Interest in Oneness

Everything—you, me, best, worst, right, wrong, divine, profane, life, death—is One. Seeing, feeling, and understanding the importance of this is mysterious, exciting, and life changing. And we can make it easier. Welcome to a collection of passageways to oneness from across continents and through centuries.

A Book Wholly Devoted to Oneness

The publication of the first book of pathways to oneness is now available. Click on "Book" in the header to find it on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.

We hope what you find on this site will whet your appetite for more and inspire you to share your favorite statements on oneness or create your own and send those too for future publications or to share on this site.

What we have so far will ignite your sight, electrify your sense, and drown your sounding in the unity of all things.

The Book Contains . . .

Over 1,000 statements, poems, and quotations

  • Expressing 600 facets or types of oneness
  • From 500 authors in 100 nations throughout recorded history
  • In over 130 settings including: Aesthetics, Atheism, Baseball, Biology, Childhood, Christianity, Dance, Drama, Economics, Education, Film, Futurism, Geography, Geometry, Hinduism, Humor, International Relations, Islam, Journalism, Judaism, Kurozumikyō, Kwanzaa, Labor, Liberalism, Mathematics, Music, Naturalism, Native America, Ontology, Organic Gardening, Politics, Psychiatry, Rationalism, Romanticism, Science, Sufism, Tai Chi, Tibetan Buddhism, Unitarianism, Urantia, Women’s Suffrage, Wulamba Mythology, Xhosa Folklore, Yoga, Youth, Zen Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism

. . . but it only takes one to experience oneness.